Using a sequential number laser etched directly onto your customized Divot tool with matching set of numbered paper tickets, you can sell the divot tools as chances to win fabulous donated prizes at your event and raise money for your charity or organization!!

Here’s how it works:
Sell The Tools… Put numbered tickets into a hat for a raffle to raise cash!

Sell Divot Tools Numbered 1 – 100

golf divot raffle

Tickets Numbered 1 – 100


Throw Tickets in Hat-Draw for Prize!


Using any of our 8 colors, simply order a set of 100 for your outing with your logo and a couple lines of custom text and a sequential number sequence 001-100. Your order will ship along with 100 matching paper tickets. You will need to purchase a nice item to raffle off or have someone donate the item (put their logo on the divot tool for maximum exposure)!

Sell the divot tools for $10/ea and raise over $800 for your organization! $20/ea and raise over $1800!!

Once you sell all the tools, drop the numbered paper tickets into a hat at the end of your tournament and pull out a winner(s).

Everyone who buys one will be helping your charity. During the day, in the back of their mind, even if they don’t win the tournament, they still have a chance to win that driver, bag, free round or that special grand prize!!

And when it’s all over, it makes a great commemorative item for every golfer.
Also available in sets of 1-200 for larger outings. Many layouts are available. Please inquire… [email protected]

If you get a very nice donated item to give away in the drawing, you can charge more for the tools. Since most golf outings are around 100 people the odds of winning are very good. Since the money being raised is going to charity and they get a divot tool as a commemorative keepsake, people will participate in this event.