Tag ABC123

Welcome to NB&T’s QR Code demonstration page.

The bar code that you just scanned only had 15 characters in it.

As you can see up in your Browser, the actual URL has 60+ characters in it.  

We did this by using a re-direct.  

The short URL re-directed you to a long url.

This is a simple demonstration showing you how you can use a short url on a tag to get to a longer url on the internet via a QR code. We do this because the longer URL’s create higher density bar codes which are more difficult to scan with a cell phone image reader app. Short URL bar codes have much lower density and thus are much easier to read withy phone imager reader apps.

Larger tags with larger bar codes (.75” and up)  aren’t as affected by this bar code density issue. However, with smaller tags and smaller bar codes, this can make all the difference in the world!!!

low density barcode

Low Density Barcode

high density barcode

High Density Barcode

If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.