Our manufacturing process allows us to manufacture high quality products at very competitive prices. However, the overall quality of our tags are limited to the quality of our materials and the manufacturing process itself. We produce millions of customized tags annually and nearly 100% of our customers are satisfied. Please keep in mind that if our standard production process does not meet your quality requirements, please consider our premium production and special purchase material services.

Std. Production Low Cost
Fast Service
*Std Mill Tolerance/Std Mill Finish
Occasional Scratches back & front side
Oil Residue
Premium Production
(promotional uses)
*Std Mill Tolerance/Std Mill Finish
Oil Residue
Special Services:
Dry Tumbling
Removes oil Could cause scratches. (Click for more info)
**Traces of cleaning media could remain on tags.
Wet Tumbling Removes burr on edge of material Can scratch surface of tag (Click for more info)
Special Purchase
High Quality
Surface Finish
High Cost.
* Std Mill Tolerance Quality – Typical occurrences:
– Surface scratches and gouges
– Roller marks
– Tape residue
– Color inconsistencies
– Burrs
Better quality materials with tighter tolerances are available if
these standard mill tolerance occurrences do not meet your needs.

** Cleaning Media – Ground Corn Cob

Photo of Aluminum Tag that has been Dry Tumbled to remove oil.
This process will remove the excess oil from the tag but will not have much impact if there is a burr on the edge.

drytumblealum (1)

Photo of Aluminum Tag that has been Wet Tumbled to remove burr edge.
While this will smooth out the edges, it will also leave scratches on the tag surface.