Replica Bands – Aluminum Only

National Band & Tag is the ONLY company authorized to make genuine, authentic replicas as we are the ones that make the original bands used by the USGS.

Have you ever been in the dilemma where you and your buddies are out hunting and someone shoots a banded bird, but you don’t know who? Replica Bands make it so now everyone in your hunting party can have a copy of the band. Replica Bands are also great for when you want to put the original band on your mount and put the replica on your lanyard. If the original bird band is lost or stolen, you can replace it with a replica. 

replica bird bands

Replica Bird Bands


  1. You report the band to the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory. They send you a Certificate of Appreciation. (We need a copy of the actual Certificate, not a screenshot of the banding report. It may take a few days to receive your Certificate after reporting it.)
  2. You submit your Certificate of Appreciation to us. Use the form on this page, or email your certificate to [email protected].
  3. We then confirm your Certificate with the USGS. (Please Note: This process is currently taking around 7-9 months due to COVID-19.)
  4. After we have verified your Certificate with the USGS, a customer service representative will contact you to place your order and collect payment. You then get a band that looks exactly like the one that was on your bird.

Reward bands and Jack Miner bands cannot be duplicated. Also, hard metal steel bands can only be duplicated onto aluminum bands. We do not replicate plastic bands or neck collars. 

USGS bird band certificate

$50 for the first band, and $25 for each additional one, as long as it is the same size and has the same stamping with different prefix and number. If they are all different sizes/stamping then it’s $50 each. Plus shipping.


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    Certificate of Appreciation 1

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    If you have more than 3 Certificates, please email them to [email protected]