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(Minimum 25 of a style or color) Tags & Studs are priced individually
Numbered Tags & Studs are priced with Hot Stamped characters – Contact us for pricing or ink or Laser-Etched characters

Price List

Weight Special Price Price Per 100 Price per 1000
StyleDescriptionper 1000ChargesEach1005001000500010000
6390STag Applicator1 lb/31.50
6392Extra Pin (1 pin) for Applicator.5 lb4.90
6391Marking Pen.258.40
6380Stud-Blank-Plastic Tip6 lbs
6381Stud-Numbered-Plastic Tip6 lbs
6383Stud-Blank- Metal Tip*6 lbs0.570.51
6384Stud-Numbered- Metal Tip*6 lbs0.700.63
6370Tag - Blank (Stud End w/ Plastic Tip)8 lbs0.850.77
6371Tag - Numbered (Stud End w/ Plastic Tip)8 lbs0.990.89
6375Tag - Blank (Hole End)6 lbs0.660.60
6376Tag - Numbered (Hole End)6 lbs0.790.71
6340Tag - Dairy Blank (Stud End)*16 lb
6341Tag - Dairy Numbered (Stud End)*16 lb
6360Hog Max - Blank (Stud End)11 lb
6361Hog Max - Numbered (Stud End)11 lb
6350Button - Small Blank6 lbs0.400.36
6351Button - Small - Inkjet Numbered5 lbs0.520.48
6330Tag - Medium Blank*14 lb0.630.57
6331Tag - Medium Numbered*14 lb0.780.70
6320Tag - Large Blank*27 lb0.850.77
6321Tag - Large Numbered*27 lb1.030.93
6315Tag - EX Large Blank*27 lb1.010.91
6316Tag - EX Large Numbered*27 lb1.191.08
6310Tag - Extra Large Blank*32 lb1.171.06
6311Tag - Extra Large Numbered*32 lb1.531.25

*Available in Tamper-Evident Design