September is National Chicken Month

What is National Chicken Month?

The National Chicken Council has banded together with major chicken producers in the U.S. to promote chicken sales in September. As a result, September is known as National Chicken Month! This once slow month, as the summer grilling season came to an end, has turned into one of the year’s best performing sales periods.

Celebrate National Chicken Month with NB&T:

NB&T supports National Chicken Month because we manufacture wing and leg bands for chickens! Our customers range from top chicken breeders, to chicken genetic companies, to backyard chicken farmers.

Our most popular wing band is Style # 890-3, and our most popular leg band is Style # 305A. We offer different styles and sizes depending on your breed of chicken. Wing bands are great because you can band day-old chicks, and the band will grow with them for life. Leg bands must be swapped out for a larger size as they grow, or wait until the chicks are fully grown to band them.

You can celebrate National Chicken Month by sharing your chicken pictures with us, cooking a new chicken recipe for dinner, or by getting to know your local chicken farmer. If you need to order wing bands or leg bands, our customer service representatives will be happy to help! Just give us a call at 859-261-2035 or email us at [email protected].

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