Small Animal Ear Tag

There are many scanners on the market and we do not recommend any particular brand. Just be sure it is labeled as a “high density direct part mark” scanner. If you have further questions, please email us and we can give further guidance.

Here are some videos that help display the use and function of our products and how they interact with certain imagers:

The first two videos show the use of our tags with scanners that require a trigger pull to scan. The last two videos feature scanners that are in “hands free” mode, meaning that a motion sensor will act as the trigger to scan when you move the tag underneath it.

Trigger Activated Imagers:

Cognex DM8500 on a Stand:

PowerScan D8590 held in the hand:

Hands Free Mode:

Cognex DM8500 on a Stand:

Cognex Dataman 300 on a Stand:

DataLogic CBX300 imager. Can be stand mounted: