So long, Sharpie! – Lead Apron Tags

Did you know that the lead aprons worn in hospitals and dentists’ offices need to be checked annually?  The joint commission requires these aprons to be inspected visually, tactually (feeling for imperfections) and fluoroscopically (X-ray) to assess the condition of the apron.  This test must be documented and available for the joint commission during an inspection.  Hospitals have tried numerous methods for marking aprons after they have been tested including a simple sharpie marker.

At NB&T, we were contacted by hospitals who wanted a more professional looking and easier to implement identification solution for tracking their lead aprons.  We love a challenge and pride ourselves on being an identification solutions provider, so we got to work and introduced our new line of lead apron ID tags!

btn-aprong-tagsThese tags are applied once into each apron and are either stamped or laser etched with a unique identification number in the form of a human readable number or a barcode.  The tag is then a permanent part of the apron and drastically improves the tracking ability.  When inspection time is due, the barcode can be scanned and the information uploaded into any spreadsheet including Microsoft Excel.  We have also created a vinyl yearly compliance disk that can be changed out each time the apron is inspected.  These disks are color coded for each year which makes identifying aprons that have or have not been inspected a breeze.  So long Sharpie, hello National Band and Tag’s Lead Apron Tags!

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