Alpha & Numeric Character Sizes
(Stamped 1/2″ numbers or letters not available on Stainless Steel or Brass)

Character Size: Characters per inch horizontal: Characters per inch vertical:
3/64″ 24 14
1/16” 16 10
3/32” 12 8
1/8” 10 6
3/16” 8 5
1/4” 7 3
5/16″ 4 2
1/2” 2.67 1

Our stamped letters are CAPS ONLY. If you would like Uppercase and Lowercase lettering, we do offer this with our laser etched products. The size and shape of the tag, number, and location of holes governs the stamping and numbering area. Our stamping is a special NB&T font, but it is closest to Helvetica font.

This is an example of a section of a black aluminum stamped tag with the different numerical character sizes, these sizes are the same for alphabetical characters. Number styles may vary.

stamping sizes

This is a yellow tag stamped and black paint filled, showing all the alpha characters (caps only) available in each of these sizes. Also, some special punctuation characters are available as shown.

alpha stamping


The photo to the right is an example of how tags may look based on the quantity and size of the characters.

We have the flexibility to create a tag layout that can meet your needs.
Try to keep the layout simple with only the necessary information.

We also recommend abbreviating where possible.

stamp comparison


The tags to the right are examples of excessive stamping on tags and are charged based on the complexity of the layout.

More than 50 characters is considered excessive stamping.

excessive stamping