Style #890 Zip – NB&T’s Most Popular Wing Band

Wing Bands are a great identification option for poultry. You can put them on day-old chicks, the band will grow with the bird and stay on them for life. National Band & Tag offers multiple styles of wing bands to meet your needs. But if you aren’t sure which band is best for you, we always recommend the style #890 Zip Wing Band!

The Style #890 Zip is National Band & Tag’s most popular wing band! There are two main reasons as to why our customers love this wing band for their poultry: tamper-resistant and highly customizable.

TAMPER-RESISTANT: This poultry wing band is pre-formed with a strong tamper-resistant seal when sealed with our applicator. As you can see in the picture below, once the band has been sealed, the eyelet is now re-formed. So, if the eyelet is messed with, the band can not be re-used. The permanent seal also keeps the band from falling off the bird with normal wear and tear.


SIZE: We have three different sizes to choose from. The -2.75 (1” / 25.4mm), -3 (1 ¼” / 31.75mm), and -4 (1 ½” / 38.1mm). The size 890-3 is the most widely used size, with size 2.75 being used for smaller birds and size 4 for larger birds.

COLOR: We have multiple colors to choose from in both enamel and fusion colors. You get to pick the top color, but the inside color will vary.

EYELETS: The Style #890 Zip has a separate eyelet piece (compared to the style #892 which is made from a drawn tube of metal to form the eyelet). This allows the #890 to have a customized eyelet piece. Colored Eyelets or Stainless-Steel eyelets are available.

STAMPING VS LASER ETCHING VS FUSION MARKING: Most customers prefer stamped wing bands. Stamping can be done on any color band, with a minimum quantity of 100 bands. Laser etching and fusion marking have limits on band size, colors, and the minimum number of bands that must be ordered. Text and serial numbers are included in the price of the band. Logos and barcodes and available for an additional fee. You can see more information on options available here:

(Stamped bands only, United States & Canada.):

Use this form for laser etching, fusion marking, and all international orders:

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected] or call us at 859-261-2035.

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