Tab End Wing Bands – Style 898

Size 898 Size 2.75 898 Size 3 898 Size 4 How to Read Barcodes
Approx. Inside Dimension When Closed 3/16″ x 1/2″ 3/16″ x 5/8″  3/16″ x 1″
Stamped Yes Yes Yes
Laser-Etched Characters Yes Yes Yes
Laser-Etched Barcodes (Linear) Yes Yes Yes 1D Scanner or Smart Phone App
Fusion Marking (Characters, Linear & 2D Barcodes) No Yes No 2D Scanner or Smart Phone App

A pre-formed band that’s fast and secure. Apply completely by hand – No applicator required!

Tagging Hints: Push band through web of wing directly at the elbow joint, being careful not to puncture flesh or tear the tendon at the leading edge of the wing. After the band is inserted through the wing, with thumb and forefinger, close the band until the tab is inserted through the hole. Now bend the tab and point down.

Stamping Limits

Fill the squares below to design your stamping. Each cell is a character. Spaces and punctuation counts as one character. Your stamping will be made as large as possible, but keep in mind that the more letters you have, the smaller the characters will be. Green: Standard Setup Fee, Orange: Extensive Setup Fee
890 stamping limits

Options Available
  • Stamped characters, logos, and paint fill

stamped characters logos

  • Laser-etched characters or 2D barcodes (available on red, blue, green, purple, orange, brown, and black anodized aluminum).
  • Laser etched linear barcodes (only available on blue, green, and black anodized aluminum).

laser etched letters barcodes logos

  • 898-3 can be fusion marked with characters or barcodes (fusion marked barcodes only available on pastel colored aluminum).

fusion barcodes characters

Get your wing bands 2D barcoded! These hold much more information than a linear barcode. Also available, different size fonts for numbering and lettering.
barcoded 898 fusion

Barcodes on Available Pastel Colors (Fusion Marked)

Barcodes on Available Anodized Colors (Laser Etched)

USES: Poultry Wing Band

Material: 020″ Aluminum 13/64″ wide.

2d barcoded wing bands

2D Barcoded Wing Bands

2d barcoded wing bands

Bar Codes Available

APPLICATOR: None required — Applied by hand.

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Weight Special Price Price Per 100 Price per 1000
StyleDescriptionper 1000ChargesEach1005001000500010000
898Tab-End - Sizes 2.75, 3, 3.5*, 41.5A,B,E,F,G8.807.0056.0053.0050.00
BC1Laser Bar Code & number A,B,E,F,G26.3074.00
LC1Laser: 1 line on one sideA,B,E,F,G17.9048.00
LC2Laser: 1 line on two sidesA,B,E,F,G23.1069.00
LC3Laser: 1 line on one side and 2 lines on other sideA,B,E,F,G34.70137.00
FBCFusion Bar Code & number A,B,E,F,G74.00
FC1Fusion: number one side & 1 line of text other side **A,B,E,F,G6.3042.00
FC2Fusion: number one side & 2 lines of text other side **A,B,E,F,G8.4053.00

*$200.00 die alteration charge if the order is under 10,000 quantity.
**Fusion available for 898-3 at a 500 piece minimum.
Special Charges could apply to these tags.