None (Direct From Press)

Tags have mill and die cut edges and are covered in an oil residue. No additional finishing.

Dry Tumbled (De-Oiled)

Oil residue is removed, but tags may have a sharp edge (die cut edge).

Wet Tumbled (Smooth Edges)

Oil residue and sharp edges are both removed, can cause scratches to tag.

Polished (Premium Finish)

Tags are smooth and shiny. No sharp edges.

304 stainless steel no finish 304 Stainless Steel

304 stainless steel dry tumbled

304 stainless steel wet tumbled

304 stainless steel polished

430 stainless steel no finish430 Stainless Steel

430 stainless steel dry tumbled

430 stainless steel wet tumbled

430 stainless steel polished

brass no finishBrass

brass dry tumbled

brass wet tumbled

aluminum no finishAluminum

aluminum dry tumbled

aluminum wet tumbled


Dry Tumbling is free with your tag order. No holes un-numbered: $25/1000. No holes numbered: $150/1000.

Wet Tumbling $15 per 1000 or $25/1000 no holes, un-numbered or $150/1000 no holes, numbered (less than 1000 tags – 1000 charge applies). Typically only done on stainless steel or brass.

Polishing is quoted based on your order.

PLEASE NOTE: Polishing is only available for laser etched or un-numbered tags. Not available on colored aluminum.