Tagging Techniques – Using Welding Techniques for Fastening Tags

tack welded tag

Tack Welded Tag

We pride ourselves in being a solutions provider at National Band & Tag, and like to share case studies of our tags in use.

Case Study:

An automotive manufacturer uses our stainless tags by spot welding them to their inventory control racks.   The dark etched 2D Data Matrix bar code survives a great deal of abuse when traveling through their work in process.  This technique enables automatic tracking of every batch of parts in this manufacturing facility.    

Our tags can be made in heavy duty stainless steel (.031″ 430 Stainless Steel, .030″ 304 Stainless Steel, .047″ 304 Stainless Steel) which are ideal for welding.

For more information on our bar coded stainless steel tags, click here. For other tag fastening techniques, click here.

If you use our tags, let us know how we’ve helped provide a solution for you!

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