Tongue and Slot Tags

style 1638The slot and tongue pattern on these Aluminum Cable Ties is used to ensure that the tag stays on your wire, cable, pipe, tubing or hose. These tags range in size from the style 1638 at an overall length of 2” inches to the style 1607 with an overall length of 6”. Just wrap the cable marker around your hose, wire, tube, etc. and slide the tongue through the slot for a sturdy identification marker that won’t fall off.  These markers are largely used by the OEM electrical and other electrical industries. Manufacturers of aircraft, controls, cables, wire harnesses, motors, radiators and more have deemed this style of tag the perfect identification marker for their products.

style 1607Made from a .016″ plain aluminum material, these cable ties are both durable and flexible. We currently have a few colors available in specific sizes.

Would you be interested in colored aluminum cable markers? If so, comment below what color and size you would like to see!

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