Tree and Plant Labels for ArbNet Accreditation

What is ArbNet?

The ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program is designed to recognize standards of excellence in tree-focused gardens, foster professionalism of arboreta worldwide, enable conservation collections and scientific collaborations, and advance the planting study, and conservation of trees. An ArbNet Accreditation provides multiple benefits, such as being recognized for your achievements, earn distinction in your professional and local communities, serving as a model arboretum, and having opportunities for collaboration with other arboreta.

The four levels of accreditation recognize arboreta at various degrees of development, capacity, and professionalism. Accredited arboreta are encouraged to seek and achieve higher professional standards and move up through the levels.

Do I need to label my trees?

If you are an arboretum looking to get your ArbNet accreditation, one of the credentials for applying is you must have labeled trees and woody plant taxa.

25+ labels – Level I
100+ labels – Level II
500+ labels – level III & Level IV

National Band & Tag can help both small and large arboretums with our 3″ x 5″ Arboretum Labels and 1.5″ x 4.5″ Plant Labels. These are our two most popular styles. They are made from UV Stable Black Aluminum that can last outdoors for 20+ years. NB&T tags can be customized with text, QR Codes, logos, and artwork. Other styles and materials of tree tags are available.

Thank you to our ArbNet Accredited customers who shared pictures with us!

Arboretum at Redmond Park (Bensenville, IL) – ArbNet Level II

Carl S English Jr. Botanical Garden (Seattle, WA) – ArbNet Level II

Cave Hill Heritage Foundation, Inc. (Louisville, KY) – ArbNet Level II

Century Park Arboretum – (Vernon Hills, IL) ArbNet Level II

Heritage Center Arboretum – (Cincinnati, OH) ArbNet Level I

Lewis & Clark State College Arboretum – (Lewiston, ID) ArbNet Level I

Mahr Park Arboretum – (Madisonville, KY) ArbNet Level I

Mary Price Ratrie Arboretum – (Charleston, WV) ArbNet Level II

Oak Lawn Cemetery Association – (Fairfield, CT) ArbNet Level II

Old Mountain Arboretum (Winona, MS) – ArbNet Level I

Stanley M. Rowe Arboretum – (Cincinnati, OH) ArbNet Level II

The Arboretum at Salve Regina University – (Newport, RI) Level II

Van Vorst Park – (Jersey City, New Jersey) ArbNet Level I

The Woodlawn Cemetery – (Bronx, NY) ArbNet Level II

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