USDA Dog Tags

In the United States, all commercial dog breeders are required by the Animal Welfare Act to identify their dogs with an official United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dog Tag. Dogs that require tags are puppies 16 weeks old or older, dogs temporarily at the facility for breeding, personal pets used for breeding, intact personal pets not used for breeding but housed with breeding dogs and spayed/neutered dogs housed in the kennel
USDA Dog TagWhen ordering your USDA Dog Tags from National Band & Tag, we will need a few pieces of information from you so that we can manufacture your order:

  • Your USDA License Number, or numbers identifying the State and dealer, exhibitor, or research facility
  • Your starting serial number
  • Quantity
  • Style
  • Material

We offer brass, stainless steel, or a durable aluminum material to choose from for your tags. As far as tag styles, the USDA requires a round, circular tag to hang from the collar, or an oblong shaped tag with two holes to be riveted to the collar. The standard for the round tag is 1 1/4” inches (style 137) and the standard for the oblong is the 3/4” x 1 1/4” inch (style 143), but we have multiple sizes to choose from. See all of our round tags here and all of our oblong tags here.

The stamping on the tag should be similar to the example above with your license number, number identifying the dog, and the letters “USDA”

When ordering your tags, don’t forget your attachments! We have S-Hooks or Rings for hanging tags, and rivets for tags to be riveted onto a collar. Check out all our fasteners here.


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