How To Use the Spreadsheet Template Tool

Each line on your tag goes in a different column (line/location) on the file. Each logo or graphic would also be indicated in a different column (line/location) on the file. Please list each tag in the file as many times as needed (For example, if you need two of each, please list each one twice.).

For Example (Click image to enlarge):

Submit Your Data

When complete, please EMAIL your file back to your Customer Service Representative.


Logos need to be submitted via email with the file name labeled as the corresponding Location on the tag (For Example: “location5.jpg”).

  • If a CAD drawing (DXF) or EPS file format (made to desired size) is available — this is the preferred file format.
  • If a graphic/logo is in color, please save as a PNG or TIFF file.
  • Simple, non-pixelated black and white line drawings* will work as well (PNG or Tiff). But these must meet the file size requirements. *Similar to a coloring book page.
  • NOTE: Simpler is better! These are very small images when etched on tags, and intricate detail can get lost.

File Size – Min 1Mb file size.  If submitting a PNG or TIFF, for best results, create your logo graphic 2 times larger than the size you want laser etched. This scaling formula produces the most visually appealing graphic. If you send us a logo that is 5 times larger and we have to shrink it down to make it fit, distortion and loss of detail will occur.

Resolution – File should be 300 ppi (pixels per inch). If you only have a low resolution file, send it and we’ll see if we can use it.  The higher the resolution, the better the image we’ll be able to generate.

QR Codes

**We generate all QR Codes for you. We cannot use pre-generated QR Codes or codes with logos or images in the middle.**

IF QR Codes are STATIC, the link should be emailed to your Customer Service Representative. For example:

If QR Codes are VARIABLE, include the links in the spreadsheet.
For example:

More Info about QR Codes:

  • 2D Barcode
  • Can contain up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters
  • Typically leads to a website
  • Developed in 1994
  • Can be scanned with a smart phone or 2D scanner

Static Data (Same on Every Tag)

Items that are STATIC (the same on every tag) do not need to be included in the spreadsheet.

For example: