Vineyard Management Tags – I.D. Your Grapes and More

Custom etched Vineyard Tags come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes, but for material, we recommend using our Black UV Stable Aluminum Tags, which are guaranteed to last outdoors for 20+ years. Here are a few examples from past customers of the ways they customized their tags, and how they use them around the vineyard.

Vine Information I.D. Tags

clone and rootstock vineyard row tag

Any information that you want to keep track of can be custom etched on your Vineyard Tag with text or barcodes. Above is an example with the grape variety, clone and rootstock information, and the year it was planted.

Listing the type of wine or grape variety on the tag is popular for vineyards that have a lot of tourists. Vineyards more interested in tracking rootstock (a plant with an established, healthy roost system) for grafting purposes that may need this information listed on the tag. Clones (a cutting of vine, a second plant that will be genetically identical to the first) can also be important to list on your tag so that specific traits from clones can be closely identified. This is all helps with management, research, and improving vine growth.

Row and Fence Post, Large Numbered Tags

numbered row tag

Row Tags go on the end of posts to identify each row. Large, bold numbers make it easy to read, even from a distance. Numbered vineyard rows can be helpful when trying to instruct employees or visitors where to go. For management purposes, numbered rows can make sure records are accurately kept about specific rows, with no confusion due to human error counting what number row they were in.

Block and Irrigation I.D. Tags

block tag

This customer uses different types of irrigation for different blocks. Drip Irrigation is popular among viticulturist because each vine has its own individual dripper, giving more control over how much water each grapevine receives, while overhead irrigation is more of a sprinkler system. Hole sizes can be customized in our tags in case you need to put the tag on a hose or machine.

Are you one of our Vineyard Tag Customers? Comment below on how you use your tags!

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