Vineyard Row Tags – Metal VS Plastic

NB&T Metal Tags AllFlex Cattle Ear Tags
(Distributed through NB&T)
metal vineyard tag plastic vineyard tag
How long will they last? Our Black UV Stable Aluminum will last outdoors for 20+ years, even in harsh environments These polyurethane tags can last anywhere from 3 – 10+ years. Different environments (extreme hot/cold) will affect them differently.
How many colors are available? Black is the only UV Stable color currently available. In regular aluminum we offer 10 other colors. It will depend on the style of ear tag you choose. The largest style (Global Super Maxi Female) has 8 colors, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, Green, Light Pink
What can I put on them? Logos, barcodes, numbering, text, graphics, and more. Logos, barcodes, numbering, text, graphics, and more.
How much do they cost? Roughly $3-$5 dollars a tag (quantity discounts available) Contact us for a quote. Roughly $1-$2 a tag. Contact us for a quote.
What’s the largest size? 3” x 6” (can be horizontal or vertical) show in picture above. Other sizes available. Global Super Maxi Female
3” x 4-5/8”. Shown in picture above. Other sizes available.
Are there any minimums? $25.00 per order $25.00 per order and 25 tags per pack
How do I attach them? 1/8” hole standard. Custom holes and slots available. Can use a nail, screw, strapping, etc. 3/16” hole – can use a nail, screw, twine, etc.
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  1. Duncan Ross
    Duncan Ross says:

    I am looking for vineyard tags for metal end posts (heavy sign post style). Vertical format. I’m currently using “cow ear tags” but they fade after a few years. Please send pricing and material info


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