What to expect when doing business with NB&T

As a U.S. manufacturer, we custom make all our products to order. Only limited amounts of tags are stocked on the shelves through our quick ship programs.

After you call, email or send a quote request through the website, a sales representative will send you a quote in 2-4 business days. Once you approve the quote, it becomes an order, the credit card is run (unless you have established an open account with us) and the order is placed. A second sales rep then checks the order for accuracy. You will receive an acknowledgment (receipt) from your sales rep. The amount of time your order spends in the office can vary depending on the time it takes to receive quote approval or payment. After that, your order is sent to the factory.

Once in the factory, orders are scheduled to a press and are put in line to be produced. Standard orders that have no extra options added to them are usually in the factory between 2-4 weeks. Less popular tag shapes and special tag options can add additional weeks onto to the production time, these options include:

  • Paint Fill
  • Strip Packing
  • Links Attaching
  • Flat (Skin) Packing
  • Wet Tumbling
  • Wires Attached

After the tags are produced they are then sent to the shipping department. If you look at your acknowledgement, there will be an anticipated ship date that will always be a Friday date. Your order will be shipped out any time that week, with the Friday date being the absolute latest.

The amount of time your order spends in the office or factory may change during our busy season (October – December). During these months, we always recommend placing your order as soon as possible to make sure you get your tags on time.

If you have any questions, our sales representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have about doing business with National Band & Tag Company.

Call us at 859-261-2035.

Or email us at [email protected].

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