What’s Your Favorite Tag? – 2024 Edition

At NB&T, we have hundreds of styles of tags to choose from across multiple product lines. So, we asked some of our employees, “What is your favorite tag style and why?”

Mandy (Human Resources): Style 691IL My favorite tag is the 691 because I love the fact that our company provides a product that aids in conservation efforts for Sea Turtles across the globe. Here’s just one list of where you can see how prevalent NB&T turtle tags are in research. https://accstr.ufl.edu/resources/tag-inventory/

Mike (Rabies Department Supervisor): Style 165 – The style 165 dog bone tag is my favorite for its size and popularity. It has enough room on it for all the vital information, without being too large for your pet.

Ximena (Bilingual Customer Service Representative): Style 890 – My favorite is the 890 wing band because it was the first one I learned how to enter an order for when I started working here. It is NB&T’s most popular wing band because it is tamper-resistant with an eyelet and customizable.

Chris (Laser Department) Arboretum & Plant Tags – I enjoy tags that require design work. I laser etch a lot of arboretum and plant tags that have a little bit of everything on them like text, logos, and a QR Code. I also like how the black UV stable aluminum looks when laser etched. The white on black creates a nice clean professional look.

Niki (Accounts Receivable): Write On Tags – My favorite is the write-on tags because you can have them on hand for on-site identification of multiple items.  They are helpful in case you need to label something right away.

write-on tags for identification

Rob (Shipping): Crematory Tags – We make tags for a lot of different uses, but I think crematory tags are one of the more unique things we make. I like to see different uses for our round tags besides the usual dog tags.

custom cremation tag

Evelyn (Administrative Assistant): Style 2725 Wrap Around Write-On Tag – It can be applied to a variety of objects and writing on them is simple with any pointed object. The wrap-around feature is nice because it is a built-in attachment that can wrap around and then be adjusted to fit the size of whatever you are tagging.

Tracey (Packing Department): Style 147My favorite is the 147 rosette shape because of its shape and size, they fit really easily in our cartons and I can pack them faster. The 147 is also one of the four main rabies styles of the year. It is the recommended shape for 2025 so I will pack a lot of them soon.

147PAW 2025 rabies tags paw finders

Jerry (Paint-Fill Machine Operator): Wire Rope Tags – I like when there is a custom logo on a wire rope tag because of the way it looks when the paint machine fills it with paint. I also like the way turquoise and yellow aluminum look when they have black paint-fill.

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