What’s your favorite tag?

At NB&T we have over 160+ dog and cat style tag shapes to choose from, as well as multiple other products. So, we asked some of our family members and employees,
“What is your favorite tag style and why?”

Brad (VP of Production): Style 1242 – “My favorite tags are our conservation products from small leg bands all the way to the large and not to forget lock-on and rivet bands.  I have always been an outdoors person and enjoy hunting and fishing with conservation being a passion.  My work in designing tooling and machines to make these bands is something I am very proud of.  Working with the biologist and banders throughout the years is very rewarding, especially in an area that I am very passionate about.”
bird bands

rivet bands

lock on bands

Sean (VP of Logistics, Secretary): Style 5 – “The car shaped tag is my favorite because I like to race cars.”
car tag

Lan (VP of Safety & Quality Assurance): Style 2351AT & 85V – “The Apron Tags with the year discs are my favorite because I like how you can color code them by department and year. It makes inspecting and managing your aprons easy.”
year disc


Yesi (Bilingual Customer Service Representative): Style 892 – “The 892 wing bands in fusion blue with the fusion marking are my favorite because it is extremely popular amongst sporting customers which is a part of my culture and a great way to remember my late grandfather.”
wing tag

Tammie (Customer Service Representative): Style 505 – “My favorite tags are the Scrapie Tags for sheep and goats because I am always taking orders for them.”
goat tag

Mark (Laser Department): Style 14ARBOR and 3602 – “If you’re talking metal tags, then the Arboretum Tags are my favorite.  I typically get to work more with graphics on these which I really enjoy doing. Especially when I can do different effects, fills to shade the colors, and different shades of gray.

I also enjoy working with the Asset Labels since I can do just about everything we do with the metal tags, but I can make these any shape the customer wants.  Squares are the most common, but we have done several other shapes such as stars, butterflies, crosses, etc.”
arboretum tag

asset labels

Erin (Customer Service Representative): Style 163/363 – “My favorite tags are the star shaped tags. I love helping customers bring their ideas to life with custom designs and the star looks great in every color of aluminum. The stars also have a variety of uses. They can be used as a promotional item for companies or make your pets look like a superstar.”
star tag

star shaped tag

Carolyn (Customer Service Representative): Style 2702 – “My favorite tag is the style 2702, Write-On Tags because they can be used on multiple items from plants to machinery.  They are easy to write on using any pointed object and the machine that makes these tags is super cool.”
write-on tag

Cassie (Accounts Receivable): Style 516 – “Because it reminds me of the Ludlow High School Panthers!”
panther paw tag

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