Which packaging is best for you?

While the tags are the most important part, attachments and how you want your tags packaged are important too! Do you need some help deciding on what kind of packaging is right for your company? Check out our multiple ways of packaging Rabies Tags below.


Standard Packing is 100 tags to a wire, 500 to a box. This allows you to package the tags yourself in-house, or just take them off the wire as needed.

standard packing

Standard Packing

Strip-Pak is 1 tag and 1 attachment in a plastic bag. Bags are perforated on a continuous strip. This makes it easy to rip a bag off when you need it to give to a customer.

strip packing


Flat-Pak is 1 tag and 1 attachment laminated to sturdy card stock. This method is used for sending tags through the mail. Barcoded labels are available, call for a quote.

flat packing


Link Attaching is where the S-Hook is pre-attached to your tags.

links attached web

Links Attached

Special Packing Options include custom printed bags, envelopes, and a printed barcode number matching the tag number. Please call or email us for a special packing quote.

special packing

Special Packing

Please note that all tags and attachments (S-Hooks and O-Rings) are sold separately, attachment price is not included in packaging price.


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