Zip Wing Bands – Style 890

890 zip wing bands

Size 890 Size 2.75 890 Size 3 890 Size 4 How to Read Barcode
Approx. Inside Dimension When Closed 3/16″H x 1/2″L 3/16″H x 5/8″L 3/16″H x 1″L
Stamped Yes Yes Yes
Laser-Etched Characters Yes Yes No
Laser-Etched Barcodes (Linear) No No No 1D Scanner or Smart Phone App
Fusion Marking (Characters, Linear & 2D Barcodes) Yes No No 2D Scanner or Smart Phone App

The 890 is National Band & Tag’s most popular wing band. This poultry wing band is pre-formed with a strong tamper-resistant seal when sealed with our applicator. It comes in several colors and can have colored eyelets for easy color-coded identification.

Tagging Hints: After the band is inserted through the wing, with thumb and forefinger, close the band until the eyelet is inserted into the hole. Seal the eyelet with the applicator.

Aluminum Enamel Colors:

890 zip wing band colors enamel

**Cannot Laser Etch on Purple**

Aluminum Fusion Colors:

890 zip wing band colors fusion

Stamping Limits

Fill the squares below to design your stamping. Each cell is a character. Spaces and punctuation counts as one character. Your stamping will be made as large as possible, but keep in mind that the more letters you have, the smaller the characters will be. Green: Standard. Orange: $10 Extensive Setup Fee

890 stamping limits

Options Available
  • Stamped characters, logos, and paint fill

stamped characters logos

  • Laser-etched characters

laser etched letters logos

  • 890-2.75 can be fusion marked with characters or barcodes

fusion barcodes characters

  • Colored eyelets – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange. **Not all colors may be available at all times.** ($20 Make-Ready charge for each color set up. Minimum of 2000 per color eyelet).

colored eyelets


Style 890S – For Aluminum Eyelets
wingband applicator

Style 890S HD – For Stainless Steel Eyelets

stainless steel eyelet wing band applicator

• Poultry Wing Band • Pelt Tag • Lock Seal • Electric Disconnect Seal

.025″ Aluminum 13/64″ wide

Plain, Red, Light Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Light Orange, Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Light Purple, Brown, Light Brown, Black, Gray, White, Neon Green, Gold

Note: Stamping shows up better on darker colors.

**Cannot Laser Etch on Purple**


Please note – Not all colors available at all times. Please indicate second color choice or contact us for current stock.

Up to 6 digit stamped consecutive number. Special stamping available.
1 line of 5 – 1/8″ characters
1 line of 7 – 3/32″ characters
2 lines of 10 – 1/16″ characters
3 lines of 12 – 3/64″ characters*
(One less character on Size 2.75, One more on Size 4)

*$10 Extensive Setup Charge

Click here for Numbering/Lettering Options

(10,000 minimum order for “Fusion” on 890-3)

All numbering will include preceding zeros. (Example: 001-100 instead of 1-100).

Want Special Characters? We have 4 STARS available to be stamped!

star stamp

neon green gold 890 wing band zip

colored wing band eyelets

stainless steel eyelets for wing band

Want Special Characters? We have 4 STARS available to be stamped!

star stamp

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