Critters of the Night

Halloween is next week! Have you noticed any spooky animals out and about? If so, see if they have a NB&T band or tag! We manufacture bands and tags for all kinds of animals including some nocturnal Halloween favorites such as:

cat tagcat tagBlack Cats – Styles 501 and 504 can be used as rabies or license tags for cats.
1005-1 tags for miceRats – Style 1005-1 is used as an ear tag for mice, rats, and other small animals.
1242-14 owl bandOwls – Style 1242-14 is used specifically for barn owls, but we offer other sizes for bigger or smaller owl species.
bat tags 1243-2Bats – Style 1243-2 is crimped over the wing of the bat.
1005-4 raccoon tagRaccoons – Style 1005-4 is used as an ear tag for medium sized animals.


Happy Halloween from all of us here at National Band & Tag!
We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween.

happy halloween from nbt

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