Jiffy Tag – Style 893

Today we would like to feature our Jiffy Tag, style 893! This is one of our most versatile tags that can be used as a wing band, small animal ear tag, rabbit ear tag, fish tag and more! This style is also popular because it is the only self-piercing wing band that comes in brass. Other materials include plain or colored aluminum and monel. This tag has been around for decades and has proven itself in the field time and time again.

Click here to view tagging hints, colors, stamping limitations and other information on the Jiffy: https://nationalband.com/products/jiffy-893/

How do you use your Jiffy tags? Comment below!

jiffy wing bands

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  1. Shannon Nelson
    Shannon Nelson says:

    Could I get 100 brass leg bands, paint-filled(black) numbers 100-200,
    Also 100 Zip(892 3) brass wing bands( Shannon Nelson ON ONE side and 400-500 on other side), Paint filled with black (wing and leg). If brass is not avaliable in zip (892 3) or the leg bands, please make them aluminum neon green with black paint filled.

    Also, the pliers to apply .

    Could you give me the price and ways to pay with credit card?



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