National Chicken Wing Day – Chicken Wing Bands

The people of the United States love chicken! July 29 was deemed National Chicken Wing Day by the city of New York where Buffalo Wings were first invented. More chickens are raised for food than all other land animals combined, and Americans alone consume 8 billion chickens a year. Most of these chickens are farm-raised for different fast-food chains and grocery stores. These large corporations raise hundreds of thousands of chickens and need to identify them.

At National Band and Tag, we love chickens and love to make bands for chickens!

For this purpose, we make identification wing bands and leg bands for the chickens in order to track, breed, process, and produce chicken. Our most popular style of wing bands are metal. They can be closed without an applicator and can be laser etched with numbers and bar codes. We have many different styles of bands, colors, and options depending on your needs. Let National Band & Tag help you with all of your identification needs today!

tab end wing band

Tab End Wing Bands – Style 898

zip wing bands

Zip Wing Bands – Style 890

jiffy wing bands

Jiffy Wing Bands – Style 893

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