NB&T’s Newest Service: Stock-N-Lase

Need your tags laser etched and fast? We understand you don’t have time in your busy schedule to wait on your tags, you need to identify things right away! We listened to our customers and came out with National Band & Tag’s newest service, Stock-N-Lase! This is available for any size or shape laser etched tags.

How it works: You order your tags in bulk, we manufacture and stock them here in our factory in Newport, KY. Then, when you are ready, just give us a call and we will take as many tags as you need from your personal stock, laser etch and ship them to you within a week! This new service saves you up to three weeks off production time, saving you time and money!

Stock-N-Lase is a free service!
Give our sales representatives a call and just let them know that you would like to participate in this service when you place your next order.
(859) 261-2035


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