White Nose Syndrome – Bat Tags

fruit batDid you know, bats are crucial to our ecosystem, without them the insect population would grow out of control, and ecosystem balance would be completely thrown off? Many species of bats have been put on the endangered species list with the Indiana bats’ population dwindling down to just a few caves in the country. A contributor to the dwindling of the bat population is White Nose Syndrome. White Nose Syndrome (WNS) causes bats to grow a white fungus on the skin of the muzzle, ears, and wings. This fungus causes the bats to come out of hibernation in the winter and is detrimental to bat populations, as bats cannot survive in the winter with the cold temperatures and lack of food. The infected and healthy bats have to be tracked and carefully monitored to make sure the populations do not suffer further.

At National Band and Tag Company, we manufacture tags for bats, which help in the process of identifying non-infected bats. Our bat tags are lightweight tags that bends over the wing and don’t pierce the membrane. Click the image below to learn more.

bat tags

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