Band Your Bird Calls and Lanyards

Decorate your calls and lanyards with custom stamped bird band business cards!

Looking for a way to add the extra special something to your bird call or lanyard? Add a custom stamped Butt-End Band! These are the bands used by the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory to identify wild birds for different studies and research projects. It is an accomplishment for a hunter to shoot a banded bird. So, why not give them a band to get their collection started? Customers will remember your company when your company’s name, phone number, website, or any information you want is stamped on the band that is on your product!

Here are just a few examples from our current customers of how you can use our Butt-End bands on your calls and lanyards.

cut em close calls

Cut ‘Em Close Calls

duck wacker lanyards

Duck Wacker Lanyards


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