Champions of Problem Solving

NBT employees“Agile and solution-centered customer service.”  At National Band & Tag Co, we feel so strongly about the importance of customer service we included this statement in our Mission.  Each day, our solution centered customer service team reaches people all over the world, assisting with orders, helping customers choose the appropriate items for a specific purpose, and answering numerous questions regarding the type and use of our products.  They are champions at problem solving and delivering information in a professional and courteous manner.

About a year ago when our company updated its logo, we added a Thank You card to many of our orders.  This was our way of letting the customers know they were receiving the best products from the best team of people, from order entry to manufacturing through shipping.  It is a team approach for each order!  We are always thankful the customer chose our company to meet their tagging needs.

Looking ahead to 2016, we are grateful for each and every customer and look forward to hearing from you again in the new year.  We will continue to provide excellent customer service, making the decision making and order process simple and solution-centered.  If you have not ordered from us yet, look over our website.  We hope to have the product you are looking for and if not, give us a call or e-mail us.  We will work with you hoping to accomplish your tagging needs.

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