Goose & Duck Hunting – Call in Banded Birds

We found a great article from online news source, The Advocate, regarding banded waterfowl and deer during hunting season. The plea is for hunters to call in banded birds and bucks when shot. Bird Bands contain information about the bird, the date of hatch, species, etc. and is extremely useful information for federal and state biologists.

A quote from the article reads, “Federal and state waterfowl biologists want duck and goose hunters to report taking banded birds.” 

“Band data is an important management tool, because biologists use them to continue studies in populations and migration patterns of migratory birds. State teams band in excess of 2,000 wood ducks annually and, in August, completed another banding effort on mottled ducks, the state’s only native duck.”

“To report taking a bird with a band, call toll-free 1-800-327-BAND (2263). Operators are on duty to 24 hours daily through the hunting season to take calls. The operator will ask for the band number and when and where it was recovered.”

To read more of this article, you can find it here.

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bird bands


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  1. Jeff Carbine
    Jeff Carbine says:

    I loved it when you said that the plea is for hunters to call in banded birds and bucks when shot. My eldest son is an adventurous pal. Sometimes during free days, I will bring him with me for a duck calls & goose calls hunting adventure.


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