How-To: Open and Close Leg Bands

How to Apply Metal Leg Bands:

  1. Place the opened band around the bird’s leg.
  2. While using the correct size applicator, make sure to fit the band into the lower hole of the applicator.
  3. Squeeze the applicator shut to correctly seal the band. (If the band does not shut all the way on the first time, rotate the band in the applicator and squeeze the applicator again. Continue rotating the band and squeezing the applicator until it is completely shut.)
  4. Check to make sure the band is properly sealed before releasing the bird.

how to band a bird

How to Apply Plastic Leg Bands: Unroll the coil and then place it around the leg. It will re-coil once you let go.

Remember, practice makes perfect! After banding a couple of birds, you will get used to banding and find the right holding technique for you!

Check out some of these other helpful guides and videos for putting a leg band on, made by customers and end-users:


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  1. Talia
    Talia says:

    The title is how to open and close leg bands. but I only see directions on how to close it. I need one opened. Not very helpful.


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