Manufacturing Day – Oct. 2nd

mfg dayOctober 2nd is Manufacturing Day! This day is for manufacturers to address common misperceptions about manufacturing, take charge of the public image of manufacturing and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry. National Band & Tag Company has been a U.S. manufacturer for 113 years and almost all of our products are produced here in our factory, located in Newport, Kentucky.

What does it mean to be a manufacturer?

A manufacturer is typically known as “a person or company that makes goods for sale.” Here at NB&T we produce most of our products in-house to order. We don’t have tags sitting on the shelf, we make them to order from coils of materials using punch press machines to cut out the shape of the tag. This process allows us to create custom tags for a low competitive price. This method also means that we run on a production schedule and during the busy season (August – December) orders can take 2-4 weeks to produce and ship out. As our business continues to grow, NB&T has worked with customers to get tags that are not customized shipped out faster (Industrial Quick Ship, Mouse Ear Tag Quick Ship) as well as tags that are laser etched (Stock-N-Lase). We love working with our customers to create new and innovative solutions for all identification purposes. We are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer!

Our Mission Statement:

We are a U.S. manufacturer providing unique and innovative identification solutions for many purpose. Since 1902, we’ve been building our business to SOAR™:

  • Sequential numbering and custom design for accurate identification
  • On-Time and upfront delivery expectations
  • Agile and solution-centered customer service
  • Reinvention in-house, to save you time and money

Are you a manufacturer? What goods do you make? How are you celebrating Manufacturing Day?

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