Reports of Squirrels Chewing on Aluminum Tree Tags

gray squirrel in treePlain Aluminum and UV Stable Black Aluminum are some of our most popular materials for Tree Tags. But, some of our customers have reported squirrels chewing on their aluminum tags causing them to have to replace their tags more often. This happens mostly on college campuses or parks where there are large populations of squirrels due to all the food and trash left behind by people.

Squirrels can chew through just about anything that’s not made of metal. Their front teeth continue growing throughout their entire lives, therefore, to keep them trimmed, squirrels chew on things, like the conveniently located tag on their tree.
brass tree tag

Some customers prefer the UV stable quality and aren’t worried about squirrels chewing on their tags. For those who would rather find something more squirrel-resistant, we have a few customers who have tried our stamped brass tags and have had better results. Squirrels have been known to like aluminum, but it seems like brass may be less appealing to them.

Are you having trouble with squirrels and your Tree Tags? Comment your story or share a picture below!


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  1. adamswildlifecontrol
    adamswildlifecontrol says:

    I agree. Squirrels may be cute to look at when they’re running around up the trees and nibbling on acorns, but once they’re in your attic tearing up the walls, you’ll be singing a different tune.


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