Butt-End Band: Material Comparison Chart

Aluminum Stainless Steel Incoloy Monel
Style # 1242- NB&T Size

1242F – Federal Size

1242FH-SS 1242FH-IL 1242M
Thickness .050” Colored AL
.061” Plain AL

.064” Colored AL

Varies depending on band size.
See thickness options here.
Uses Standard material used by the federal government. Sizes range from a hummingbird to a swan

Promotional bands, banquet bands, lanyard bands

Ravens, crows. Some predatory birds (but lock-on or rivet bands are usually recommended)

Industrial wire markers

Federal projects, gulls, shore birds Fish jaws, shore birds, Shrimp eye
Band Quantity Minimum 100 Bands 1,000 Bands 1,000 Bands 100 Bands
Price $ – Standard Size Bands

$$ Federal Size Bands

$$ $$$ $$
Sizes Size 3 – 28 Size 1B – 9 F2 – F5A Size 4 – 16
Corrosion Won’t rust Won’t rust Won’t rust Won’t rust
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