NB&T Acquires Hasco – One Year Anniversary!

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Today, May 9, 2017, is the one year anniversary of our acquisition of Hasco Tag Company. We would like to thank all our old and new customers for your patience through the transition. It has been an exciting year for National Band & Tag, adjusting to the increase of livestock tags, rabies tags and pet license tags.

We have made some changes over the past year to accommodate the increase in customers, so that we may continue to provide quick and accurate customer service:

  • National Band & Tag, along with two of our sales reps became approved to sell Scrapie Ear Tags.
  • Previous Hasco employee Sallie Schmidt consulted NB&T sales reps on Hasco products and accounts for the year before retiring at the end of April.
  • A new sales representative was hired in the rabies tag department.
  • A new computer system is being launched this summer that will allow us to increase our customer service abilities and enter orders faster.
  • A new NB&T catalog is scheduled to come out this summer that will include previous Hasco products and their new NB&T style number.
National Band & Tag’s president, Faye Wendel, states, “This past year has been both exciting and very busy—and we are so grateful for your patience and continued support during this transition. Our employees have worked incredibly hard over the last year and we are so thankful for their dedication. We also feel very blessed to have welcomed several of Hasco’s employees—they have been a huge asset to our team. Of course, we are thankful to have retained the business of hundreds of Hasco customers, and continue to serve our loyal NB&T customers. We appreciate your business and hope to continue fulfilling your identification needs in the future. Thank you, and keep those orders coming!”


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